7 Simple Ways to Increase the Value of Your Marketing

Do you believe your marketing efforts are simply acknowledged, or are they deemed indispensable by your organization? If you’re pondering the relevance of this distinction, let me assure you, it’s significant. Let’s delve into the nuances of ‘value’ versus ‘valuable’ for marketers, and discuss ways to elevate the perceived worth of Marketing


What is value marketing?

Value marketing forms a core aspect of marketing strategies, focusing on establishing the brand’s value in the consumers’ perception based on the service level, benefits received from engaging with the company, or the financial investment versus the actual value obtained

7 Simple Ways to Increase the Value of Your Marketing Strategy

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Make it Count

“First and foremost, it’s crucial that your leadership team can rely on you to deliver high-quality work promptly and without exceeding the budget. It’s essential to be both accountable and efficient. However, beyond these expectations, the impact of your work on the organization is paramount. This entails not just completing tasks but also demonstrating the tangible value your contributions bring to the table

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Your company has to decide on markets, customer groups, and products. It’s key to stay updated on business trends, customer preferences, and competitors

Knowing the latest marketing tech helps. But, it’s crucial to grasp your industry’s overall trends, track competitors, and deeply understand customer needs. This insight helps your company plan and succeed in the marke

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Build an internal and external network

Marketing teams should not work alone or just help sales. Often, they focus too much on detailed tactics. A study shows that only 40% of workers team up with more than 20 people a day, and over 80% work with just 10. It’s important to connect with people from different parts of the company like operations, finance, and IT

You should also reach out to people outside your company for new views on the market and industry. This helps you and your network find more chances to work together effectively


Be a thought leader

Your leaders should trust your knowledge. Write articles, give talks, join panels, and blog about topics linked to your work and industry. Offer fresh ideas to help your company grow

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Work on What Matters

Being a valuable marketer or employee isn’t about how long your to-do list is or how many tasks you check off. It’s about making smart choices on what matters most and prioritizing tasks that truly make an impact, showing you understand what’s important to the company

Seek out chances to boost customer satisfaction and their experience, generate revenue by speeding up customer acquisition or increasing customer spending, and find ways to cut costs for the organization

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Be a Change Agent

The business world changes constantly. Companies need to adapt to new market and customer trends. Embrace and drive positive change. Instead of just completing tasks, find ways your work can solve problems and help achieve company goals


Communicate in business terms

Change how you talk about your work. Focus on its impact and how it helps the business, not just on finishing tasks. Make sure people see your value and understand why it matters

No matter the economy, companies value those who make a big difference. Hard work alone isn’t enough. Show how vital you are to success, not just that you do your job well. If the company could go on without your work, it’s nice but not essential

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